Solar Panels and Installation in Fontana

Solar installation in Fontana continues to grow in popularity because of its cost and energy-saving benefits. Now is the perfect time to jump on the trend.

Fontana Solar Energized Homes

Fontana is known as “the crossroads of the Inland Empire” and is one of the fastest-growing cities in San Bernardino County and throughout California. The city boasts numerous cultural, recreational, and sporting opportunities and is an attractive place for Californians to settle down. Fontana residents also enjoy, on average, 282 days of sunshine a year, making it a great place for solar panel installation.

Currently, Fontana residents pay around 16% more in utilities than the rest of the country, and that number is expected to increase as electricity costs go up. To combat these high utility costs, consider switching to solar panels in Fontana, CA.

House with solar panels and blue siding
House with solar panels, porch, blue siding, and garage

Growing Solar Presence in Fontana

California as a whole has implemented mandates to promote the installation and use of residential and commercial solar panel systems, working toward 100% clean and renewable energy by 2045. The city of Fontana has been doing its part to reach this goal by being the 1st city in the county and 16th in the state for installed solar panels.

If you’ve been thinking about going solar in Fontana, CA, it’s never been easier. So, are you ready to make the switch?

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Fontana?

Solar panels in Fontana, CA, are usually worth it if you’re looking to potentially save on your electricity bills while using sustainable and renewable solar energy. A home solar system with a backup battery can help get you off the electrical grid, take more control of your home energy usage, and utilize environmentally friendly resources that are better for our planet.

Maintenance working working on solar panel
Cream brick house with a brown roof and solar panels

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Fontana?

The cost of solar panels in Fontana, CA, varies based on different factors, including your energy usage, how many panels you need, the type of solar panels you choose, and the solar company you pick.

In Fontana, solar costs can range from $11,400 to $14,000, though rebates, tax credits, and incentives could help bring down the price. To get a more accurate price for solar panels and energy storage for your home, you should get a few price estimates from reputable solar companies like Axia by Qcells.

Why Choose Axia for Your Installation?

At Axia Solar, our goal is to make going solar simple and stress-free. We know the hassles that come with the traditional solar panel process and how confusing it can be, which is why we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our solar professionals will help you design a system that fits your home and needs; then, we’ll take care of everything else — including filing permits — leading to a streamlined installation day.

We also use some of the highest-quality panels in the industry, which are made by Qcells. So, you can trust that you’re getting high-performing products and exceptional customer service when you decide to work with Axia.

2 story house with solar panels and a garage

With the state’s push to switch to solar, you’ll be ahead of the game if you install solar panels in Fontana, CA. Plus, once you make the switch, you can start reaping the benefits sooner, like a potentially lower electric bill and the knowledge that you are doing something good for the planet by using a green energy source.

Solar panels can also add value to your home, and many buyers consider a home solar system a must-have when buying a home. Additionally, many rebates, incentives, and tax credits are available for those who decide to go solar. However, these programs have limited funds, so switching to solar now lets you take advantage of these programs before they expire.

Fontana Solar Rebates, Incentives, and Tax Credits

When you decide to install solar panels in your Fontana, CA, home, you may feel overwhelmed by the total costs. However, you may qualify for local, state, or federal rebates, incentives, or tax credits to help reduce some or all of your expenses.

Here are some programs you may qualify for:

This is a program for California homeowners where they can receive credit toward their electric bill based on extra energy their solar panels produce.

Homeowners can potentially get a 30% credit on their taxes to go toward the cost of installing solar panels.

When you add battery backup to a solar installation, you may qualify for an additional rebate that incentivizes battery storage in California.

If you’re ready for solar installation in Fontana, use our quote tool to discover the cost of a system for your home. You can also contact one of our specialists in your area to go over your price quote and create a customized system for your home.

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