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Axia by Qcells is proud to electrify the energy landscapes of diverse states nationwide. From the coastlines of California to Florida, our mission is to electrify your life with simple solar solutions tailored to your state’s unique solar potential and energy goals. Discover how we’re leading the charge toward sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-conscious living in each of our Axia locations.

Map of the USA with California, Florida, and Texas highlighted
San Francisco skyline


Axia provides dedicated service across California’s sun-soaked landscapes, helping residents harness the state’s 284 days of radiant sunshine each year. With over 1.5 million solar panel systems already illuminating the state, we’re here to amplify California’s leadership in renewable energy. Our solar solutions can empower you to capture the sun’s energy and contribute to California’s eco-conscious legacy.


Rooted in the rolling terrain of the Lone Star State, Axia proudly enables Texans to save on energy costs while diversifying the state’s impressive energy landscape. Texas provides the perfect canvas for our solar solutions with 300 sunny days per year, allowing residents to tap into potential savings on their energy bills. Axia offers an array of solar options that can lower your utility expenses and contribute to a cleaner energy future for Texas.

Texas city skyline
Florida city skyline


Florida’s geographical positioning, susceptibility to severe weather, and sunny climate make it a top state in the nation for solar energy potential. With the state’s warm climate and reliance on air conditioning, electricity bills can be high. Axia’s solar services can offset these costs by helping Florida residents generate clean, renewable energy that can power homes and reduce the need for grid electricity. As solar technology advances, Florida is positioned to play an important role in the transition to green energy sources.

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If your state isn’t currently listed among our solar service locations, don’t worry! We’re actively working on expanding our reach to new regions. You can still get involved by sharing your contact information with us. By doing so, you’ll be among the first to receive updates when we launch our services in your state. Rest assured, we respect your privacy and won’t spam you with unnecessary calls or emails while you wait for the exciting news.