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Electrify Your Life with Home Solar

Going solar is a critical first step toward electrifying your life and taking control of your energy costs. With Axia Solar systems, you can protect yourself from rate hikes, reduce your carbon footprint, and experience the empowerment of energy independence.

Qcells is among the top solar panel manufacturers in the industry, and they manufacture solar panels for the home that are ranked #1 in market share — so you can trust you’re getting our exceptional service combined with the best solar panels available.

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#1 Residential Panel

Qcells panels are installed on 1 in 4 roofs

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Assembled in the USA

Dalton, GA is home to Qcells US manufacturing

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25 Year Warranty

Your investment is protected when you buy from Axia

Axia Solar is a full-service solar provider offering a wide range of Qcells solar products alongside services from a fully vetted network of local installation experts. As a one-stop shop with a solar process driven by technology, we cover all your solar energy needs to ensure a seamless experience. We even work with a financing partner, EnFin, to make your solar panels more accessible and affordable.

Installing solar with Axia means you’ll have a standing connection to a single company for the lifespan of your system. With us, you don’t just work with a salesperson — you get a trusted partner who listens to your needs. We are here for you through the entire process, from design to installation and support, making sure you have the type and number of residential solar panels needed to power your home.

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See How Solar Panels Produce Power

Each solar panels contains a series of photovoltaic cells that produce a few watts of power each. Put a bunch of them together and you have a powerful source of renewable power for your home.

Solar Panel Technology by Axia's

On average, solar systems can cost between $15,000 and $30,000, but the specific cost of your solar panel purchase will depend upon the size of your home, where you live, and the number of panels needed.

While the cost of solar panels for the home may seem daunting, Axia offers loan products from our partner Enfin that allow you to pay for your system over time. Both the federal government and your state may offer tax credits, rebates, or other incentives to help offset the cost of your solar panel purchase — which means no more worries about the cost of electricity constantly rising year over year. This can reduce the cost of your solar panel purchase by 30% or more.

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How Our System Works

Qcells solar panels harness energy from the sun (direct current) and use a solar inverter to convert it to usable power (usable alternating current) for your home. This is referred to as the “photovoltaic effect.” Here are a few important things to know.

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Solar Production

The more sunlight your panels get, the more energy they can generate. That means solar production tends to peak around midday when the sun is highest.

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Weather + Seasonality

Solar panels produce power all year and through almost any type of weather but you can expect your system to provide more daily output in the summer when days are longer than in the winter.

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Seamless Power

When you switch to solar, your home runs on the energy produced by your solar system in the same way it currently runs on energy from the grid.

When you have your solar system installed, it matters who you partner with. You need to work with a company you can count on. Axia Solar is here to assist you every step of the way, from helping you decide how many panels you need to where to place the panels to supporting you after the panels are installed.

We make a traditionally frustrating process simple and hassle-free so that all you have to do is enjoy saving money on your monthly utility bills. Our warranties cover the panels as well as the workmanship. Get a quote today!

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