Solar Battery Storage

Reduce your reliance on the grid and enjoy uninterrupted power when you need it most with Axia’s solar battery storage.

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Why Solar With Battery Storage is Important

Home solar batteries allow you to make the most of the energy you produce with your home solar system. Adding battery storage can offer peace of mind during blackouts and give you more independence from the grid.

Power Protection

Battery storage automatically kicks in to keep home appliances and lights running during power outages.

Energy Independence

Battery storage can add further protection from high electricity costs.

Grid Resilience

Batteries can help take strain off the grid, reducing the risk of outages for everyone.

Why Choose a Qcells Battery?

At Axia Solar, we use Qcells’ Q.HOME CORE home solar batteries for backup with solar systems. Qcells’ batteries are some of the best in the industry, as their design teams have spent many years researching the latest technology. Benefits of Qcells batteries include:

  • Up to 200A whole home backup
  • Highest solar battery storage safety rating with an integrated rapid shutdown solution for safety issues
  • Pairs perfectly with Qcells’ residential solar panels for a full suite of clean energy solutions for any home
  • Flexible energy storage allows you to add battery capacity as your home energy needs change
  • Indoor and outdoor approved installation for maximum design flexibility
  • A thin, uniform design to maintain your home’s aesthetic
  • Inclusive 10-year warranty

Take Control of Your Home Energy with Battery Storage

With solar and battery storage you gain energy independence and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you'll have power when you need it.

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How Axia’s Solar with Battery Storage Works

Our innovative solar technology lets homeowners generate and store their own clean energy that can be used when needed. Here’s how the solar battery backup system works and how it can benefit homeowners.


When your solar system produces energy, it sends unused energy to your solar battery storage. If you live in an area with net metering options, your system charges your battery, then sends unused energy back to the grid for credits on future utility bills.

Daily Usage

Different operational modes allow you to maximize the benefit you receive from your solar energy. By prioritizing the use of stored energy when grid power is most expensive, you can maximize your solar power utilization while minimizing peak-time charges from utility providers.

Customizable Backup

Your solar battery backup can keep lights on and power appliances during power outages, giving your family the peace of mind they deserve.

How Solar Battery Storage Supports Energy Independence

Electricity is an expensive monthly cost that is difficult to control when your home relies on the grid. You’re at the mercy of unpredictable rate hikes from utility providers and annual increases. Installing solar with battery backup can ease these cost burdens. With solar, you generate your own energy and can store any excess to use whenever you choose. By using your stored energy, you can decrease your reliance on expensive grid electricity and make the most of your solar system.

Why Use Solar Battery Storage During Power Outages

There are several energy sources for staying powered during blackouts, so what makes Qcells solar batteries the best choice?

Automatic Backup

One of the most significant advantages of solar battery storage systems is their automatic backup during power outages. You won’t have to switch over to backup power manually — it’ll automatically kick in when the grid goes down.

Multi-Day Protection

Home solar battery systems may be able to offer multi-day protection during power outages. With solar battery storage, your battery will recharge automatically as your solar system produces electricity during the day. This means you may be able to maintain power for an extended period, even during long blackouts caused by severe weather events.

No Emissions

Solar battery storage during a blackout has another significant benefit — zero emissions. Unlike other backup power sources like fuel generators, home solar batteries don’t produce harmful emissions. When generators run, they emit carbon monoxide and other toxic pollutants that can be dangerous to inhale, especially in enclosed areas. Solar battery backup, on the other hand, relies solely on stored solar energy, so it’s a cleaner and safer backup power source.

What Do I Do Now?

Ready to install a solar system with solar battery backup? Use our solar calculator to get started! Once you’ve filled this out, we’ll contact you to discuss your energy needs and utility prices to build a cost-effective system that fits your home’s unique needs. You can also contact us anytime if you have questions or want more information about solar battery storage. See how Axia Solar can help you electrify your life!

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