Solar Panels and Installation in Irvine

Solar Installation in Irvine Continues to grow in popularity because of its cost and energy-saving benefits. Now is the perfect time to jump on the trend.

Growing Solar Presence in Irvine

Irvine City has earned a reputation for having beautiful parks, top-rated schools, diverse cultural amenities, a thriving business community, well-designed neighborhoods, and a commitment to green energy. It has been recognized as a leader in sustainability, received numerous awards for its green initiatives, and even developed a comprehensive sustainability plan that includes goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water, and promoting clean energy. Plus, the city enjoys an average of 280+ sunny days per year, making it an ideal location for solar energy production.

What’s more, residents pay 12% more than the national average for electricity, so there’s never been a better time to switch to solar panels in Irvine. If you want to contribute to a more sustainable future and save money, Axia solar is committed to providing high-quality solar panel installation in Irvine, customized to meet your unique energy needs.

Solar Panels Irvine
Solar Panels Installation Irvine

Is it Worth it to Install Solar Panels in Irvine?

The decision to install solar panels in Irvine ultimately depends on your energy needs, budget, and environmental goals. However, many homeowners in Irvine find that installing solar panels is a wise investment that can yield long-term benefits.

For instance, by switching to solar, you may be able to reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources, which can help you save money on your Irvine electricity bills and could reduce your carbon footprint for a more sustainable future. In addition, Irvine offers a range of incentives and financing options that can make solar more affordable; the city offers a streamlined permitting process for solar installations and rebates to homeowners who switch to solar.

With Irvine’s abundant sunshine and commitment to sustainability, solar energy may be an excellent option for homeowners looking to save money while doing their part to protect the environment.

What is the Cost of Solar Panels in Irvine?

The cost of solar panels in Irvine can vary depending on the size of the system, the quality of the equipment, the complexity of the installation, and other factors. However, the average cost of a 6 kW solar panel system in Irvine usually ranges between $14,200 and $19,200 before accounting for federal tax incentives offered by the city and the state of California, which can significantly lower the cost of a solar system.

For example, the California Solar Initiative offers incentives for solar panel installation in Irvine based on the customer’s utility area, with incentives ranging from $0.20 to $1.10 per watt. Additionally, Irvine homeowners can take advantage of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, which allows them to finance the cost of a solar panel system over a period of 5 to 25 years.

Ultimately, the long-term benefits of solar and the incentives available may make it an attractive investment for Irvine citizens.

Solar Panels Cost Irvine

Why Choose Axia for Your Solar Panel Installation in Irvine?

If you’re seeking a solar company in Irvine, you want a skilled, knowledgeable, and friendly team to guide you through the entire process. That’s where Axia Solar comes in. We aim to make solar energy accessible and cost-effective for everyone, and we’ll help you achieve energy independence while electrifying your life. Our solar installers in Irvine understand the difficulties that can arise throughout the conventional solar process, so we’ve devised a new approach to enhance your experience.

So, what makes us the right choice for your Irvine solar panel install?

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Streamlined Installation

As a seasoned solar company in Irvine, we aim to simplify and streamline the solar installation process as much as possible. We assist you in creating a system that suits your requirements and budget, then construct the system, handle all the permits on your behalf, complete the installation rapidly and efficiently, and keep you in the loop every step of the way through an intuitive digital platform.

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High-Quality Solar Panels

Our solar panels are created by Qcells, the industry’s leading manufacturer of top-quality solar panels. So, when you choose our solar installers in Irvine, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best solar products possible.

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Convenient Financing Solutions

Home solar systems are an investment, and we want to help make them more affordable for you. By working with our financing partner, EnFin, they’ll help you determine a repayment plan that matches your needs.

Why Go Solar Now?

If you’re a homeowner in Irvine, going solar can save you money and help you do your part to protect the environment. Recently, solar panel costs have dropped significantly, making switching to clean, renewable energy more affordable than ever. Here are some top reasons you should install solar in Irvine as soon as possible.

Green Energy Source Irvine

Get Power from Green Energy Sources

Home solar panels allow you to generate your own clean, renewable energy from the sun and reduce your reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels that contribute to climate change. Solar panels also produce no greenhouse gas emissions, making them a highly sustainable energy source. By going solar, you can actively reduce your carbon footprint and protect the planet for future generations.

Lower Your Utility Bills

A big reason so many people are switching to solar is to save money on Irvine electricity, which is becoming increasingly expensive. You can reduce your reliance on your local utility company by generating your own electricity from the sun, which means you don’t have to buy as much electricity. Irvine City also offers many incentives and financing options to help offset the costs of going solar, making it an even more attractive choice for homeowners.

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Solar Panels Irvine - Add Value

Add Value to Your Home

Going solar can also add value to your home and make it more marketable when it comes time to sell. According to a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, homes with solar panels tend to sell for more than those without them, as many homebuyers find solar-powered homes more appealing. If you plan to sell your home in the future, installing solar panels might get you a higher price.

Keep the Lights on During Blackouts with a Solar Battery

In recent years, California has experienced many blackouts and power outages due to high demand for electricity and extreme weather events. With a backup battery as part of your solar system, you won’t have to worry about outages. Your solar battery will collect excess energy from your panels during the day that you can draw on at night or during a blackout. This means no more relying on your local utility provider and greater peace of mind for you and your family.

Solar Power During Blackouts
Irvine Solar Rebates

Irvine Solar Rebates, Incentives, and Tax Credits

Homeowners interested in installing solar panels can take advantage of a range of rebates, incentives, tax credits, and other California solar programs in Irvine to help offset the upfront costs of going solar.

The Irvine Energy Partnership offers a Solar Advantage Program that provides rebates to homeowners who install solar panels. The program offers rebates of up to $2,500, depending on the solar panel system size.
Homeowners in Irvine may also be eligible for state and federal tax incentives, including the Federal Solar Tax Credit, which offers a tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of the solar panel system.
Other incentives include the California Solar Initiative, which is a California solar program for Irvine that offers incentives based on the customer’s utility area.
Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing allows homeowners to finance the cost of a solar panel system over a period of 5 to 25 years.

If You’re ready for solar installation in Irvine, use our quote tool to discover the cost of a system for your home. You can also contact one of our specialists in your area to go over your price quote and create a customized system for your home.

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