Solar Panels and Installation in Palm Springs

Solar installation in Palm Springs continues to grow in popularity because of its cost and energy-saving benefits. Now is the perfect time to jump on the trend.

Growing Solar Presence in Palm Springs

While many residents live in Palm Springs, the city is most well-known as a popular resort location for tourists thanks to natural hot springs, top-quality hotels, stunning scenery, and gorgeous weather. That weather gives residents an average of 354 days of sunshine each year, making solar panels in Palm Springs a smart decision.

Home electricity costs continue to rise across the state. And, while Palm Springs residents pay about 26% less than other Californians, they still pay more than the national average for their utilities. Going solar in Palm Springs can help lower these costs while allowing you to take advantage of the abundant sunshine to energize your home.

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Solar panels on roof of house with blue walls and palm trees behind

Palm Springs Solar-Energized Homes

Palm Springs is consistently ranked among the top 10 cities for solar installation and, as of 2020, was producing enough energy for 790 watts per person. With continued solar panel installation in Palm Springs, that number is expected to keep rising in the coming years.

To help Palm Springs residents combat climate change and create more sustainability in the city, the local government created a Climate Action Roadmap. One of the successes of this program has been “developing a solar policy and zoning ordinance to facilitate the installation of solar on residential and commercial properties.” The city is doing its part to make solar panels in Palm Springs more accessible; now, you just need to get them installed on your home!

Is Solar Installation in Palm Springs Worth it?

Thanks to the amount of sunshine the city gets, it’s worth switching to solar in Palm Springs. There are also constant reports of power outages across the state, and Palm Springs is no exception. This is because so many Californians use the electric grid, and the system can’t always keep up with the demand. When you switch to solar with battery storage for your energy needs, you no longer have to worry about losing power as others might.

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Palm Springs?

Many factors influence the cost of solar panels in Palm Springs, including how many panels you need, the type of panel you pick, the size of your home, and the solar company you choose. The average solar panel cost is $2.77 per watt, but it could be more or less depending on the above factors.

Palm Springs residents could pay anywhere from $11,800 to $16,000, with the average cost being around $13,900. The best way to determine how much solar panels will cost for your home is to contact solar companies in Palm Springs to get a few solar estimates.

Why Choose Axia for Your Solar Installation?

At Axia Solar, we have extensive experience with solar panels in Palm Springs. We also know that the traditional solar process can be a hassle for California homeowners. That’s why we guide you through the entire process, ensuring you feel heard and empowered when making decisions regarding your solar energy system.

We also follow a streamlined installation process to make going solar in Palm Springs easier. Once we’ve created a system that meets your needs and fits your budget, we’ll handle all the permit paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about it. From there, we can install your solar system, and you’re ready to start using solar energy!

The solar panels we use are made by Qcells, the top solar panel manufacturer in the industry. So, you’re getting our exceptional service combined with the best solar panels available. And, to help you get these solar panels in Palm Springs, we also work with our financing partner, EnFin, to make solar installation more affordable.

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Solar energy is a renewable resource that is better for our environment than the electric grid, which is why many places throughout the country are prioritizing solar panels. When you switch to solar in Palm Springs, you’re choosing an environmentally friendly option that can help add value to your home and may reduce your utility bills.

In addition to the many benefits of choosing solar panels for your Palm Springs home, there are local, state, and federal programs that can help with the cost of a home solar system. These programs won’t last forever, so installing panels now is the best way to take advantage of them.

Solar Rebates, Incentives, and Tax Credits in Palm Springs

Going solar is an investment, and solar rebates, incentives, and tax credits are available to help make the process more affordable. Here are a few programs for solar panels in Palm Springs.

Get credits on your electricity bill for your solar system’s excess energy.

Reduce the cost of home solar installation by 30% when you get a complete solar system. This credit is applied to your taxes the year after the panels are installed.

Income-eligible residents who own single-family homes may be able to get upfront rebates to help offset the cost of solar in Palm Springs.

If you’re ready for solar installation in Palm Springs, use our quote tool to discover the cost of a system for your home. You can also contact one of our specialists in your area to go over your price quote and create a customized system for your home.

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