Solar Panels and Installation in Frisco

Texans are no strangers to the heat of the sun or the incredible power behind it. Frisco residents are constantly switching to solar energy by installing solar panels on homes and businesses alike. Learn more about the benefits of affordable solar power and why now is the best time to switch to solar panels in Frisco.

Growing Solar Presence in Frisco

Solar power in Frisco is increasingly becoming one of the most popular energy sources, as many residents are choosing to install panels on their homes. But why are so many people choosing solar panels in Frisco? It’s simple; they’ve discovered the cost- and environmental-saving benefits solar offers. And as people realize how accessible and affordable solar power has become, its popularity will only continue to grow.

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Is it Worth it to Install Solar Panels in Frisco?

If you’re wondering whether solar panels in Frisco are worth it, the answer is a resounding yes! The city averages 230 days of sunshine annually, making it an excellent place for solar energy generation. When you switch to solar power in Frisco, you can minimize your reliance on the city’s power grid, reduce your utility bills, and keep the lights on during Frisco power outages.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Frisco?

Solar panels and installation in Frisco, TX, can range from $11,600 to $15,850. However, most residents can expect to pay around $13,750 for a home solar system. Several factors impact this price, though, including where you live in the city, how much direct sunlight your property gets, the size of your home, and even the solar company you choose. Use Axia’s solar calculator below to get a general estimate for your home, or contact our team for a more detailed quote.

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Why Choose Axia by Qcells for Your Solar Installation?

When you decide to get solar panels in Frisco, you want to ensure you’re working with the best solar company. Axia by Qcells is one of the top solar panel installation companies in Frisco, TX, because of our dedication to creating exceptional customer experiences. Here’s how we make going solar as simple as possible for you.

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Streamlined Installation

The traditional approach to solar installation can feel overwhelming to many Frisco residents, especially when planning, financing, designing, and permitting a home solar system. At Axia, we’ve created a streamlined, seamless experience from start to finish, ensuring you can switch to solar power in Frisco with minimal effort or disruption.

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Quality Solar Panels

There are a few different solar panel manufacturers in the market today, but with Axia, you’re getting the best of the best. We only install solar panels from Qcells, one of the leading manufacturing companies in the industry. They have dedicated extensive time and research into the latest solar technologies to create highly durable and efficient solar panels, which is why we are proud to partner with them for solar panel installation

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Exceptional Customer Service

At Axia, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service every step of the way. We take the time to understand your energy needs and what you’re hoping to get out of solar panels so we can create a system that is uniquely yours. And our relationship doesn’t end after installation; we’re still here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide assistance the best we can.

Why Go Solar Now?

So, why is now the best time to install solar panels in Frisco? Here are some ways you can benefit from switching to solar.

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Lower Your Utility Bills

Many people are drawn to solar panels in Frisco thanks to the cost-saving benefits. When you use solar energy, you minimize the need for electricity from the city’s power grid, which could reduce your utility bills over time.

Add Value to Your Home

Solar panels are an attractive feature for prospective buyers and can add value to your home, meaning you could sell your house faster — and for more money — when the time comes.

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Gain Energy Independence

With solar energy, you have more control over the energy you generate and how you use it. You won’t always have to rely on the grid anymore, and you can have peace of mind knowing you’re using a sustainable, renewable resource.

Stay Powered During Blackouts

The Frisco power grid is regularly overwhelmed with many users, and the high heat in Texas often leads to power outages. With solar panels and a backup battery, you can keep your lights and power on during Frisco, Texas, power outages. The battery stores any excess energy your system produces, and you can draw on it when the grid goes down.

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Frisco Solar Rebates, Incentives, and Tax Credits

To make solar panels in Frisco more affordable and accessible, residents can take advantage of several rebates, incentives, and tax credits. One of the more popular options is the Federal Solar Tax Credit, which gives homeowners a 30% tax credit based on the cost of the system.

If you’re ready for solar panel installation in Frisco, TX, contact the Axia team today. Our experienced, professional team is here to answer your questions, give you a quote on a system, or get started on your solar panel installation.

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