Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers

Save on charging when you use your solar system to power your home EV charger rather than using power from the grid or pricey public EV charging stations.

Electric Vehicle Charger

There’s now a cleaner option for powering EVs — the sun. With an EV charger, you can charge your electric vehicle using the energy you produce on your roof.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

With EV chargers and a solar system, you have greater control over your charging costs.

Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Using your home solar system to power your vehicle is the best way to ensure your EV is charging on clean energy.



Charging your EV with reliable solar energy means you’ll have a fully-charged car that’s ready to hit the road when you need it.

We offer Level 2 EV chargers to power your electric vehicle. These chargers charge up to seven times faster than standard wall plug-ins, giving you more miles in less time. We use high-quality inverters, charging stations, and panels to create a personalized, cost-effective plan that meets your EV charging needs.

Axia's EV Charger
EV Charger by Solar

Rooftop solar systems include panels and inverters that convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), a type of electricity that can power your home and electric vehicles. To charge your EV, you’ll also need an EV charger that connects to your system. The charger will route the power generated from your solar panels to your electric vehicle.

Axia's Solar EV Charger
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Benefits of Pairing Solar with an EV Charger

At Axia Solar, we strive to provide our customers with energy independence and more control over their utility bills. By using the Level 2 EV charger, you can reduce your reliance on the grid and take control of charging costs. Other benefits of this EV charger include:

Fast Charging

Fast charging

The Level 2 solar EV chargers charge up to seven times faster than standard wall plug-in chargers. We help you spend less time charging and more time driving.

Universal Charging

Universal charging

With this EV charger, you can charge any EV, including a Tesla. You won’t have to spend time looking for the correct charger for your vehicle.

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Your EV charger comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty to provide you peace of mind.

Ready to start saving money and helping the environment by using an EV charger? Axia Solar can help. We use high-quality inverters, panels, and EV chargers to create a custom-built system for your home. Our seamless installation process will help you start reaping the benefits of solar ASAP. Contact a solar advisor today to learn more about how we can upgrade your home and electrify your life.

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