Solar in California: Navigating NEM 3.0

By now you’ve probably heard about NEM 3.0. The new net metering policy that went into place in 2023 has changed how solar savings are calculated but there is still a lot to love about making the switch. Learn more about how solar with battery storage can help you take control of your electricity costs and protect yourself from outages with safe, automatic backup power.

How it works: Solar Battery Storage Video Thumbnail

How Solar Battery Storage Works

Adding a battery to a home solar system can help increase your energy independence and keep your lights on during an outage.

Going Solar: Choosing Qcells Panels Video Thumbnail

The Benefits of Buying Qcells Solar Panels

We exclusively use Qcells panels in our installations. They are among the most trusted in the industry and assembled in the USA!

How it works: Solar Saving Video Thumbnail

How Solar Helps Homeowners Save on Electricity Bills

By replacing electricity from the grid with solar power, you can keep your electricity costs under control. Here’s how it works.