Solar in California: Preparing for Power Outages

Over the past several years, California has seen a rise in severe weather events that have impacted the reliability of the power grid and led to outages. Whether an outage is planned or unplanned, there’s never a good time to lose power. Learn more about how solar with battery storage can help you prepare for future outages with safe, automatic backup power.

How it works: Solar Battery Storage Video Thumbnail

How Solar Battery Storage Works

Adding a battery to a home solar system can help increase your energy independence and keep your lights on during an outage.

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Getting Started with a Free Solar Estimate

Use our solar calculator to preview our pricing and customize a solar solution for your home in just a few seconds.

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The Benefits of Buying Qcells Solar Panels

We exclusively use Qcells panels in our installations. They are among the most trusted in the industry and assembled in the USA!