Our Expert Solar Installation Process

As a part of our complete solar service, Axia by Qcells does all of the heavy lifting to get your solar system installed and your home running on affordable, renewable solar electricity. Solar installations can typically be broken into three phases. Read on or watch the video to learn more:

The phases of a solar installation

Design & Approvals

Before installing your system, we’ll conduct an onsite review (or “site survey”) of your home. Here, we’ll get the info needed to finalize your system design and handle the permitting process with your local jurisdictions. All you need to do is provide your signature of approval — we take care of the hard parts.

Installation & Inspection

We will proceed with the solar installation process as soon as we have all the needed permits. After we install the equipment on your home, we coordinate an inspection with your local building department and get the green light to flip the switch with your utility company.

Permission to Operate

The final step in the solar installation process is receiving permission to operate (PTO) and activating the system! When you have PTO, your utility will notify you, and your customer advocate will be in touch to assist you with turning on the system.

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The Benefits of Buying Qcells Solar Panels

We exclusively use Qcells panels in our installations. They are among the most trusted in the industry and assembled in the USA!

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How Solar Helps Homeowners Save on Electricity Bills

By replacing electricity from the grid with solar power, you can keep your electricity costs under control. Here’s how it works.

Going Solar: Our Installation Process Video Thumbnail

Our Expert Solar Installation Process

When you go solar with Axia by Qcells, we handle all aspects of the installation. Here’s what to expect during a solar installation.